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God is Good

Week Starting June 20, 2021


Read this Scripture:  

Luke 18:19 - [Jesus said], “No one is good but One - God.”


Read this Thought:
What does the word good mean? Does it mean something that is not bad? And if so, what does bad mean? We use both of these words quite a lot. For example, we think that our ice cream tastes good, or that the veggies on our plate look, smell and taste bad. We may tell our sister that her haircut looks good. Or complain about how bad the weather is… 


In all these examples we use the words good and bad to explain if we like something or if we don’t. We use these terms to approve or not approve of things.

So if we say that God is good what are we saying? That we like Him? No, we are saying something much more important. When we state that God is good, we are saying that He is the standard (the benchmark) for all that is good.

There is a measurement called a ‘meter’. In the 1800’s everyone wanted to know the exact length of a meter, so a bar was made out of metal to show precisely how long a meter was. It set the standard. 

God sets the standard for good. If we want to know what is good, we can look to God to show us and tell us what is good. If you read through the story of creation, in the first book of the Bible, you will find God repeatedly saying that what He is making is good… Eventually when He creates humans He says that we are “very good.” 

However, sin came into the world and infected these things that God had declared good. Thankfully God sent His Son, Jesus, who came and gave us hope that one day all will be good again.

Do this Activity:
Choose someone to be blindfolded. Once their eyes are covered get a food for them to taste (make sure it is something nice - don’t be mean). Get them to guess and tell you what they are eating. If you have time you can take turns letting several people do this.

Then discuss together how God made us and in His goodness gave us the ability to taste and enjoy good foods.


Discuss this Question:
How do we see God’s goodness in who Jesus is and in what He said and did?

Scripture to Memorise:

Deuteronomy 6:4–5

[4] Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. [5] You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. (ESV)

Pray Together

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